Vintage Landing – Wi-Fi

131-1ASPECTRUM SET UP 30violetairplane874
131-1BSPECTRUM SET UP A8stealthfish846
131-2ASPECTRUM SET UP D0sweetzoo502
131-2BSPECTRUM SET UP C0shinysnake905
131-2DSPECTRUM SET UP F0longwolf826
131-2CSPECTRUM SET UP 40stronghorse918
131-3ASPECTRUM SET UP 78hertyhouse853
131-3BSPECTRUM SET UP 48strongrock202
131-3DSPECTRUM SET UP 40loudzebra557
131-3CSPECTRUM SET UP F8quietguppy347
149-1ASPECTRUM SET UP F0adorablerobin931
149-1BSPECTRUM SET UP C8rainyrock577
149-2ASPECTRUM SET UP 90contentcow940
149-2BSPECTRUM SET UP 90quietpoodle998
149-2DSPECTRUM SET UP 28contentpencil710
149-2CSPECTRUM SET UP E8tinyball990
149-3ASPECTRUM SET UP 78silverpeach798
149-3BSPECTRUM SET UP 18lazyspoon153
149-3DSPECTRUM SET UP 08strongcow534
149-3CSPECTRUM SET UP C0loudpear302
163-1ASPECTRUM SET UP 78dampcow684
163-1BSPECTRUM SET UP D0cleandog471
163-1DSPECTRUM SET UP 20furryraft824
163-1CSPECTRUM SET UP 88greatcar096
163-2ASPECTRUM SET UP D8contentdoll810
163-2BSPECTRUM SET UP 18goldrock761
163-2DSPECTRUM SET UP 78woodendirt223
163-2CSPECTRUM SET UP 18giddycountry494
163-3ASPECTRUM SET UP F0stealthbird003
163-3BSPECTRUM SET UP C0dustycity057
163-3CSPECTRUM SET UP E0tinydeer057
163-3DSPECTRUM SET UP 40longrock816
179-1ASPECTRUM SET UP F0adorableguppy830
179-1BSPECTRUM SET UP 48squarepoodle388
179-1DSPECTRUM SET UP 08vastguppy490
179-1CSPECTRUM SET UP B8contentpuppy573
179-2DSPECTRUM SET UP B0oliveship887
179-2CSPECTRUM SET UP 50rainybread240
179-3DSPECTRUM SET UP 18dampbread517
179-3CSPECTRUM SET UP B8contentwolf223
If you experience connectivity issues with your units username or password, you may connect to another unit until the issue with your unit Wi-Fi is resolved. If you are unsure of your unit number, it is listed on the exterior door of your unit. Wi-Fi related calls made after hours are not considered to be emergencies and will be taken care of the following business day.