Branson Fun Facts

Branson Missouri

Branson Fun Facts

Branson Lodging Facts

  • Branson has approximately 16,500 rooms

  • Branson has 185 lodging facilities

Branson History Facts

  • In 1907, Harold Bell Wright published the famous, “Shepherd of the Hills”

  • Branson was named after Rueben Branson, a local general store owner

  • In 1894 William Henry Lynch started charging visitors to see Marvel Cave

  • Originally, Branson was a territory for the Osage Indians

  • The name Ozarks is derived from early French explorers

  • Branson was named after Rueben Branson, a local general store owner

Branson Golf Facts

  • Branson has ten Championship Golf Courses

Branson Dining Facts

  • There are over 35,000 restaurant seats in Branson

  • There are over 200 restaurants in Branson

Branson Lakes Facts

  • There are more than 1,200 campsites on Table Rock Lake

  • Table Rock Lake has more than 750 miles of shoreline

  • The dam is 6,423 feet long and 252 feet high

  • The surface area on Table Lake is an average of 47,650 acres.

  • The Table Rock Dam was constructed between 1954 and 1958

  • You may call 417-336-5083 to get current levels for Table Rock Lake

  • There are four dams on the White River

  • You must obtain a license to fish in the lakes

Branson Visitors Facts

  • Nearly 8 million visitors travel to Branson every year

  • Over 65% of Branson visitors come from outside a 300 mile radius

Branson Shows Facts

  • The Presleys Jubilee was the original country music theater in Branson

  • Branson is home to over 60,000 theater seats

  • In 1959 the Baldknobbers became the first show in Branson

  • The Dixie Stampede houses its show horses in outdoor pens from 10:00am until show time

  • Branson has more theater seats than the New York Broadway District

  • There are over 50 theaters in Branson

  • Sight & Sound has more than 50 live animals on stage

  • The Dixie Stampede is performed in a 35,000 square foot arena.

Branson Awards

  • Branson was named 3rd Best US Destination for Groups by Bank Travel Magazine

  • Branson was featured on Travel Channel’s “Most Christmassy Places in America”

  • Branson placed number three on the Top 10 Destinations list

  • Branson was named the #1 Motor Coach Destination for 4 Years Straight

  • The Cathedral Room in Marvel Cave is the largest cave entrance room in the US

  • Branson is the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World”

Branson Demographics

  • 10,520 – City of Branson Population

  • 51,675 – Taney County Population

  • 32,202 – Stone County Population

  • 20.7 square miles – Branson’s incorporated area

Branson Campgrounds

  • More than two dozen campgrounds/RV parks with approximately 2,870 sites